Perfect PR

Melissa Clark


Mother of a 7 year old gentle soul and a 4 year old princess , Wonder Woman to girlfriends in need and W4W Ambassador for Prevention of Bullying, Current student at Curtin University completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Public Relations. 

Melissa grew up in country Tasmania with horses, motorbikes and lots of time outside exploring the simple things in life. Moving to the mining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia with her parents in her early teens she then packed up to take on the big city of Perth in her early 20’s. 

Melissa has worked in the legal field as a legal assistant since she was 19 and still works in this industry in short term contracts between study commitments. 

Having a passion for education of our little people to help prevent current cultures of bullying seen in children today, she is currently working on a programme that will be released to our schools in the future.